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Review of SolidWorks Yacht Design course that will enable anybody to master SolidWorks

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Every CAD designer desires to create 3D designs of complex machines and objects. Mastering complex CAD designs help to take a designer’s career to the next level. Moreover, it gives enormous job satisfaction to the designer who utilizes his complete designing skills to fulfill the creative process. However, very few designers achieve their dream of modeling a sophisticated machine. This is either because of a shortage of modeling opportunities or due to a shortage of learning resources. Now SolidWorks Yacht Course will help designers to advance their skills by actually designing a full-fledged yacht.

SolidWorks Yacht Course

The course helps to model professionals to achieve expertise by modeling a luxury yacht. A yacht is considered as a rich boy’s toy as millionaires around the world are often seen enjoying their leisure time on luxury yachts.  Modeling a luxury yacht is bound to take your career to the next level because a yacht is made up of a large number of complex shapes. This course will lay the foundation for modeling many other luxury vehicles that have a complex design.

Why design a yacht?

It is no wonder that a yacht is being considered more of a luxury item rather than a mere means of transportation. Today, owning a yacht is considered as a status symbol. In fact, owning a yacht is more prestigious than owning a luxury car.  Designing a beautiful yacht is a dream of many enthusiastic designers. A well-designed yacht product that is not only functionally useful but which also has an aesthetic appeal.

Why SolidWorks?

There are a number of tools available that can be used to design a sophisticated machine like a yacht. But the task can only be achieved by using a highly effective tool like SolidWorks.   However, it is difficult to attain the goal without thoroughly understanding SolidWorks. SolidWorks Yacht Course is a call to the prayers for thousands of designers who wish to become SolidWorks.

Secrets of mastering SolidWorks

Who must take the course?

Any product designer who wants to take his or her 3d CAD designer skills to the next level must buy this course.  Professionals who want to groom their SOLIDWORKS skills in a speedier way must also buy this course. This course is bound to have a deep and positive impact on your modeling career.

Questions to ask before buying the course

Interested designers should ask themselves the following questions before they buy the course:

Did you ever get stuck up while finishing a SolidWorks project?

Have you ever been frustrated because you were not able to draw complex shapes in SolidWorks?

Do you wish to become a SolidWorks expert under the guidance of a mentor?

If you answered a ‘yes’ to all the above questions then this course is definitely for you.

Who has created the course?

The course has been created by Jan-Willem Zuyderduyn. Jan works as a freelance Product Designer and SOLIDWORKS tutor in Netherlands. Jan’s SolidWorks knowledge has given him the opportunity to work as an Automotive Designer. He has designed interior panels for Renault Master and Mercedes-Benz Vito Mixto. He has also won many International SolidWorks Car Modeling contests.

Advanced Surface Modelling

How did the author benefit from the course?

Jan’s expertise in SolidWorks has enabled him to get hired by large international companies. Moreover, he has worked on design projects for top international brands. His skills have been appreciated by a major Dutch yacht design studio.  The opportunity enabled Jan to successfully work on multi-faceted design projects.

What motivated Jan to create the course?

Jan was a regular SolidWorks user who used to share tips and tricks with other modelers across the globe. He maintained his own blog that he used to post valuable information. He was an enthusiastic and confident professional who thought that he can help thousands of users to unlock the full potential of the software. But he was wrong. One day he was shocked to learn that he could not use the software to come up with shapes for modeling an organic stapler.

Jan’s journey to become a SolidWorks mentor

After facing disappointment, Jan decided to upgrade his skills. But he was even more frustrated to find out there were hardly any tutorials that taught him the advanced skills he required. What Jan required was a thorough set of hands-on tutorials that will make him walk through an entire project. He spent years to master the techniques and ultimately he was ready to share his knowledge to the world.

Why is Jan’s course so unique?

Most of the other available courses are too simple and boring. Moreover, there is hardly any tutorial that packages all the features of the software within a single course. Jan has prepared the course in such a way that it will offer a step-by-step approach to any user who wants to master SolidWorks. The simple-to-complex approach will help a user to master all the nuts and bolts required to design any shape that can be thought of.

Simplest course ever made

This might be the simplest SolidWorks course that was ever developed. The author has made the subject matter so interesting that the course content is very engrossing. At no point in time will the modules appear boring.  The module size will enable students to manage their progress. Moreover, the screenshots will help to follow instructions clearly.

How is the course structured?

The entire course is available in the form of 20 PDF eBooks and 11 training modules. The entire course content is covered in 1275 pages. The displays in the eBooks are in the A4 landscape format for achieving clarity of images.  As a part of the course, you will also get blueprints and visualizations. Each module of the training course helps to model a single part of the yacht. The last module teaches the learner how to put all the parts together to model the entire yacht.

Course Modules

The author has made the modules as simple and as straightforward as possible. The author has also mentioned each module’s level of difficulty. This enables every professional to adjust the learning as per level of difficulty. Following are the modules present in the course:

  • First Module  – Propeller Tutorial
  • Second Module – Radar Tutorial
  • Third Module – Blueprints Tutorial
  • Fourth Module – Hull Tutorial
  • Fifth Module – Garage Door Tutorial
  • Sixth Module- Front Seat Tutorial
  • Seventh Module – Middle Seat Tutorial
  • Eight Module – Rear Seat Tutorial
  • Ninth Module – Superstructure Tutorial
  • Tenth Module – Radar Mast Tutorial
  • Eleventh Module – Yacht Assembly Tutorial

Model Complex Yacht

Is the model inspired by real yacht?

The yacht model is inspired by Sunseeker Predator 108, an existing yacht that featured in Casino Royal. Hence, Sunseeker is the original designer of the yacht. The specifications of the model are:

Dimensions: Length: 32,90 meters / 108’0 ft
Beam: 6.30 meters / 20’8 ft.
Engines: 3 MTU V16, Total 6000 Horsepower
Performance: Up to 45 Knots
Range: Up to 450 Nautical Miles
Accommodation: Up to 8 guests and 4 crew members

Get SolidWords Yacht Course today by clicking this link and you’ll finally know how to design a yacht step-by-step with easy to follow instructions!

But why a  Yacht Course?

The author has been fascinated with yachtes ever since he was a boy. He was first introduced to Sunseeker yacht through a leaflet. Jan was so much amazed by the design that he nurtured the dream of designing and modeling a beautiful yacht. He is aware that there are millions of enthusiasts who wish to model the Sunseeker.  Moreover, modeling a complex yacht is a perfect way to master SolidWorks. A designer who can model the Sunseeker can model any machine or object in the world.

The most advanced course

Yacht tutorial is the most advanced course that has been created by Jan. The course helps you to model basic structures like propeller and radar before progressing to more complex structures. Students will be able to master the modeling of challenging shapes like the superstructure and the hull. Complex techniques like Class A Surface Modeling will be used during the project.

Become an expert

The author has used his three years of hard work to develop this project course. However, he wants to make the most of his knowledge to catapult you to an expert level in just a few weeks. Out of all the courses created by the author, this course is his favorite because he was always fascinated by beautiful yachtes since childhood.

Get Addicted

Customers who have used the easy tutorials have credited the course for increasing their passion to design and model. In fact, a customer review mentions that the course is so enjoyable that it will make you addicted to the 3d CAD software.

How to order the book

You can access the course by visiting the product website and clicking on the order button. The button will take you to a page where you have to fill in the payment details. Your transaction will be securely processed through ClickBank, the global leader in eCommerce. After making the payment, you will be taken to a member access area where all the course materials, modules, and working files are freely available.

Ongoing Support

The author has promised an ongoing support to the customers. In case of queries, you can write to the author. Educational institutes who require multiple licenses for their students can contact author along with a information of the institue or school and the number of licenses required. A customized offer will be made to you. The author personally responds to all emails.


Interested professionals who buy the course will be offered the following bonuses along with the course:

  1. A ‘Certificate of completion’ that proves your expertise to prospective employers
  2. A free access to the hidden Facebook community that exchanges ideas with each other
  3. Burton Raptor Kit Car 3D Model that will enable you to design award-winning model car
  4. Burton Sensation Kit Car 3D Model that will help you to build over 150 parts that comprises of an award- winning car model

Some more additional bonuses are included in the offer:

McLaren MP4-12C model that was designed Ahmad Sodik using SOLIDWORKS , a mechanical engineer working in automotive design

Concept Yacht is a conceptual model designed by Jan using  SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Transport Combination that will help you to design a long 66-wheel truck called as the ‘King of the Highway’

These bonuses are bound to catapult your career as a SolidWorks master!

100% Money Back Guarantee

The author is so confident about his course that you can buy the course and try it for 60 days. If you are not satisfied with the course then you will be refunded back your money. All requests for refund will be processed through ClickBank.


Get SolidWorks Yacht Course today, and learn exactly how you can create one of the very best designs out there in SolidWorks today!


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