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The Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets is the course designed for people who want to accelerate their brains. Although the course focuses on reading, it also covers a lot of different processes our brain undergoes during the activity we commonly refer to as reading.

This course improves reading, memory, concentration and focuses if you apply yourself to it. It is very easy to use, has clear instructions and will surely reward those who remain faithful and persistent. Definitely a course worth buying!

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Reading is one of those things we take for granted. You are doing it right now as you are reading this review! But we don’t think about it; we just do it (similar to breathing). However, we should think about it since it plays a vital role in our lives. And unlike many other reviews, here we question the process of reading and examine the possibility of speeding it up.

Importance of reading

morning reading

Everywhere you look, and wherever you go, you are deciphering the world’s data. Furthermore, you are reading the majority of that information even though you aren’t aware of it. You are reading billboards, traffic lights, traffic signs, menus, books, messages, descriptions, etc. It is a universal human activity we all learn to do.

But how do we do it? How do we read? It is a question we don’t ask because we take reading for granted, which we shouldn’t. Ask yourself that question.

Moreover, ask yourself this question: “What it would be like to read a novel in just a few hours?” “What it would be like to read a book a memorize everything you wanted to remember?” That would be lovely, wouldn’t it?

Speed reading

businessman reading newspapers

An affirmative answer to the questions I proposed is speed reading. In schools teachers taught you reading; that’s it. But we never question the quality of their teaching methods. Is the way we are reading the only way to read? I don’t think so. But we never doubt it because our brains have been programmed to read the way you are reading this post right now.

You are jumping from word to word, aren’t you? And if you try to go any faster, you won’t remember the words you read. Can you imagine reading this post in just a few seconds?

To do that you first have to believe it to be possible. I’m here to tell you it is possible, but you will have to reprogram your brain to read in a very different way. But don’t worry, you won’t reprogram it on your own; Dave Eaves will help you.

Who is Dave Eaves?

man using tablet

Dave is the author of the Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets, the speed reading course. But before we go into the specifics of this course, let’s look at the questions Daves asks all of his students. If the answer to all of these issues is yes, then you should continue reading this post.

Would you wish to:

  • Read novels in just a few hours? Not months, weeks, or even days, but hours?
  • Significantly accelerate your reading speed?
  • Remember those long and complicated passages writers tend to write?
  • Cut down your reading time, and spend it on something more important to you?

All these things are accomplishable with the help of Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets come into play.

What is Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets?

The goal of this course is straightforward: drastically cut down the reading time. It is immediately downloadable upon purchase, which adds to that desired speed. However, speed is not the only mission of this program: memory was equally crucial to Dave when he designed it. The overall critical features of this program are:

  1.  Applying this program to your specific situation is very possible.
  2.  It is the solution for everyone whose life revolves around reading, whether you are a student, bookworm or someone’s whose career depends on reading.
  3.  It works as long as you apply yourself to it.

The three-step process

speed reading course

The Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets has three steps:

Step #1: Read the information contained within the course.

The importance of this stage is self-evident and shouldn’t be neglected because the understanding is critical. If you do not understand how this program works and why it works the way it works, all will be for nothing. So please do play close attention to it!

Step #2: Apply what you learn.

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to reading. Never forget that the brain is similar to your muscles: if you don’t keep it active and engaged, it will deteriorate.
However, if you spend some time doing a specific activity every day, you will perfect it over time, and your brain will flourish under these newly created conditions.

Step #3: Enjoy!

Alas, enjoy yourself! Enjoy reading! Isn’t it fantastic skill? Think about it for a second. Furthermore, imagine reading at a high pace, going through the bookshelf and realizing you’ve read thousands of books.

The way it works

couple reading

Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets works from bottoms up. Before you even undergo this journey, you will have to lay a firm foundation for the course.

What this means is that you will first find out what to do before you start speed reading. Then, you will realize how most people read (including you) and what to change about that.

After that, you will touch on the problem of speed reading, what it is and how to speed up the reading. Furthermore, you will learn a lot of useful tricks. For instance, you will learn how to trick your mind only to read the necessary words.

Working on your perception

Reading is perceiving. It is not just about reading the information but understanding it, categorizing it and storing it. You will work on your memory and concentration, thus radically speeding up your reading process.

So, the first phase would be working on reading itself, mechanically. After that, you will work on the mentality of a speed reader by restructuring your brain.

You will build new pathways in your brain, and the more your practice, the better and more clear those roads will be. It also means that the information will flow rather smoothly after you’ve mastered these techniques.

Bonus content

woman reading a book

Aside from getting this course, you will also receive some bonus content. Be aware that these bonuses are time-limited, and they will only be available for some time. Think of these gifts as additional boosters to your reading; they will motivate you and help you along the way.

Bonus #1: Instant Reading Speed Test

This online test will make it very easy to track your reading speed. Instead of manually figuring out how to test yourself, you can utilize this gift and remain confident that your results are objective. This test will also enable you to track your long-term process.

Bonus #2: Memory Improvement Course

Speed reading leads to optimal results; that is self-evident. However, some of the speed reading techniques remain hidden from the eyes of those who seek it.

This bonus course will ensure that you get all the information you need to speed up your reading process. It specifically targets the memory improvement part of the speed reading process, allowing you to comprehend the information you read regardless of how fast you are reading.

Bonus #3: Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”

This gift is for those who are ready to apply what they’ve learned about reading on their own lives. If you managed to restructure and reprogram your brain to read faster than you can reprogram it to function in any way you want.

Money-back guarantee and discount

Before I go into the specific benefits of this package and if you should purchase it, let me point out two things. First and foremost, the Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets package is refundable within 60 days of your purchase.

Regardless of your reasons, it is your right to demand a refund, and the return shall be granted to you. Furthermore, there is also a significant discount on this package (70% discount!).

However, this discount won’t last forever; it’s only a matter of time before it expires. If you plan on exploring the speed reading techniques, then this is your technique, accompanied by more than affordable price.

Should you buy it?


This review is just one of the many positive reviews on the Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets. The course quickly became a phenomenon among speed readers, and more and more people see the quality of this course. If you are interested in speed reading, for personal or professional reasons, delaying the purchase of this product would be somewhat foolish.

The benefits of this course are undeniable, and the applicability is limitless. After you master the given techniques, you can start applying them to everything else in your life and become the master of it.

You can explore and field the real and hidden potential of yourself, discover the depths of your mind and unlock your capabilities. It would be a shame to miss on all of these things just because you second-guessed yourself. Remember, you can refund the product if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

However, I hope you will purchase it and be more than satisfied with your purchase. Moreover, I’m more than confident you will be satisfied, as are thousands of people who already joined the club of the limitless potential and capabilities!

Take the next steps and following the techniques you’ll find inside to read faster than ever before – Click this link and you’ll access the Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets!


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